Triple credit score


You may wonder what triple credit score means. The answer is very simple. There are three agencies, which are able to give you annual reports about your credit situation. When you intend to make a loan you should request for a credit report from all these three agencies. Why? Because your data are stored in all of them but none of them is exactly the same. You may have a higher credit score in one of them and lower in other. The bank is asking in most all the situations all three credit reports and your final score won’t be the highest one, but the middle one. This is why it is better to request your credit records before so you will know what to expect. There are things like scams and frauds, which can use your data and these things will be seen in your records. In case you are not the person who used them you must get in contact with the agency immediately and solve this problem. In case you don’t have this report at least once per year you may never know that you own a bad credit record even if you paid all your debts in time. When you apply for a loan, to encounter unpleasant surprises is not the best thing to happen.

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